Sayulita, Mexico, June 2021. Justin, Matt, and Brian. Three cousins on a much-needed family vacation. A relaxing gathering over some chilled cervezas turned into an impassioned discussion about the emerging world of Web3 and its creative possibilities. And that’s how Verified Labs was born. An idea sketched on a cocktail napkin and a vision to bring entertainment into the next frontier of the internet.

Enter Billy, Justin’s business partner and long-time collaborator. Building on their deep experience working within an established Hollywood production company, we rolled out a popular generative NFT project: the Order of the Tigons, featuring the cult-fave art of Jon Heder of Napoleon Dynamite fame. Since then, we’ve assembled a team of partners, builders, and artists on the forefront of Web3.

Driven by a passion for blockchain technology, digital art, entertainment, and the future of the Metaverse, Verified Labs has become the go-to source for a growing list of talent looking to turn their creative visions into reality.

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Justin Trevor Winters was told he only had 100 words to write his bio. 100 words?! He thinks he could fill 100 books. Better yet, he could hire the best writers in the business to write his "bio books." He’d show them… he’d have the last laugh… he thought… Sh*t, now he only has 46 words left. Quick throw in a montage and a few explosions… Worked at agencies repping writers and directors… wrote a movie with stars in it… teaches at LMU… Co-Founder & CEO of Verified Labs… wants to create the virtual version of Universal Studios… Kaboom 💣💥🔥… MacGruber!


Chief Executive Officer

After 20 years working with entrepreneurs, I finally decided to become one. I've learned from the best and apply it to everything we are developing at Verified Labs. Web3, crypto, metaverse and beyond....I fell in love with all of it sometime between 2018 and now, and I haven't looked back. I oversee general operations, help the team project manage all of our amazing experiences, and run our social channels from Twitter to Discord (I'm known in some circles as @TigonTamer). I'm an excessive texter and am a dead-eye with design and style (though not all here at Verified may agree). My team is extremely good at what I like to call "original project execution" and our clients/partners reap the benefits of that.


Chief Project Officer

A natural born entrepreneur, hard headed and unconventional, Billy has been in the start up game for the past ten years. An endlessly curious, connector who loves people and networking, he has fully embraced the futurist label. While he prides himself on being a guy who can wear many hats, he really enjoys business development, representing the company at events, and speaking anytime anyone will listen to him. His five year plan includes joining Justin on that beach, wherever that might be.


Chief Operating Officer

Jon Heder is a founding member of Verified Labs and an actor, best known for his role as Napoleon Dynamite. He has also appeared in the films The Benchwarmers, Blades of Glory, and Killing Winston Jones. The mysterious and unknown bewilder him and get him excited to not only prepare for unforeseeable future events, but to explore both the brightest and darkest corners of human creativity. He also loves hybridding animals in art, but he respects mother nature too much to not tell you to respect mother nature. Respect the animal kingdom and respect Tigonia Forever for Infinity.



After 20+ years of driving growth for fast-paced tech startups, Brian jumped at the opportunity to team up with his cousins Matt and Justin, and his good friend Billy, to build something special on the leading-edge of the emerging Web3 space. Two decades of figuring out how to open doors and close deals in the competitive tech landscape have made Brian a resourceful guy. So he's focused on stuff like getting things done for clients as their go-to liaison, researching blockchain/Web3/Metaverse trends to discover new pieces of the puzzle, and sending out thought-provoking messages to leading brands and talent on why they should hop on this amazing journey with Verified Labs.